About Us

What is iFIT?

At My Open Workout, we’re committed to letting you work out at your own pace in any environment, all this with our app powered by iFIT. No matter your personal plan or exercise regime, we can help you with that. And if we don’t? Let us know, and we’ll try to do it as soon as possible. We believe workout time is ...

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Best Fitness Center in Chesapeake

My Open Workout will change how our community goes to the gym. Having access 24/7 and with a personalized fitness app powered by iFIT to help guide each member through a workout will be a game changer. We have Personal Trainers to help guide you to success. If you want to know more, get your free consultation below.

Train Your Way

We know how our members like to train hard. Which is why we realize no two people are the same. We can’t all stick to the same time every day, which is why our opening hours provide you access whenever your schedule allows it. We offer personal training and small group classes.

Personal Training


-Set Goals

-Learn proper form

-Stay consistent

-Receive feedback


*Send us an email or call us on our contact page